Next Learn To Skate session begins January 20, 2018!

Help a Friend Learn To Skate!

On January 6th from 10am to 11:30am at the Glacier Ice Rink in Missoula, the Missoula Figure Skating Club will host a *FREE* session – including rentals – to skate, bring a friend, and register early for the January Learn To Skate session.

The Olympics are here, and we will all be impressed by the beautiful and challenging sport of figure skating once again.  Learn To Skate is open to all ages, all abilities, so check it out and learn this lifetime skill.

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  1. Betsy Johnson says:

    Hi, my family and I are interested in attending the ‘Help a Friend Learn to Skate’ day on January 6th.

    My girls have recently had an interest in learning to skate, but I don’t want to spend money on lessons until they try it once. Would this be a good event to have them try skating? My husband and I have not skated before, but will this program provide someone to help them learn to inspire them to try the classes? The classes would be a big commitment for our kids (I have 2) because we live over an hour away, so I, as a mom, want to make sure this is something they will put an effort in and not something they’ll be discouraged to do after one session out of 8.

    Also, is this an all day event? Or for only a couple of hours?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Ginnie Morey says:

      Hello Betsy!
      The Learn to Skate Day on January 6th would be a perfect time to have your girls try skating. The free session runs from 10 to 11:30 am on the 6th.
      We completely understand your concerns – it is a big commitment of time and money, especially when you live over an hour away.

      There will be coaches available to help your girls get used to the ice. During the free skate time, we will also run some mini clinics on beginning moves like stopping, etc. I believe all the coaches should have on black jackets so please feel free to grab one of them if you need help. Also, you and your girls should dress warmly because, even though the rink is heated, it still gets cold inside. (Mittens or gloves are a must, of course.)

      Let us know if you have additional questions. We hope to see you Saturday!

  2. Sarah Benjamin says:

    We signed up a little late for my 5 year old son. Will I receive an email with more information so I know exactly what to expect?

    • Ginnie Morey says:

      Hi Sarah. You should be contacted soon by your son’s teacher by email or phone to give you details of the specific class time and to answer any questions you might have. I believe many of our instructors are attending continuing education sessions this weekend so there is no class today, January 27th. That may also delay the instructor getting in touch with you until sometime this coming week. We look forward to seeing you and your son on February 3rd.

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